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Loteria Nacional - Spain's oldest national lottery, which emerged at the beginning of the 19th century as an alternative to the La Primitiva lottery already in force at that time.

The new lottery project was developed to support the state treasury, seriously affected during the wars of independence.

The idea behind the lottery was, to give additional funds to the country's Ministry of Finance, without increasing regular taxes for the population.

The National Lottery was approved 23 November 1811 of the year, and 4 Martha 1812 years in the Spanish city of Cadiz, what's on the Atlantic coast, her first drawing took place.

The lottery's headquarters was originally located in San Fernando, then it was moved twice - first to the city of Ceuta (north coast of morocco),

and then to the capital of the country Madrid, where it remains to this day.

Сколько стоит онлайн билет

The cost of Loteria Nacional lottery tickets is low and amounts to 3 euros (on Thursday) and 6 euros (on Saturday).

"Lottery ticket" in this case is called its tenth share or "decimos", which is acquired by the absolute majority of players.

Nacional Lottery Full Ticket Price, respectively, higher almost in 10 time.

What days is the drawing

Loteria Nacional de Espana is held twice a week - on Thursday and Saturday.

Every Thursday is played out 6 series of tickets, Every Saturday - 10 series of tickets.

Как играть в лотерею Nacional de Espana

To start playing the Nacional de Espana lottery, it is necessary to purchase one or more shares of a lottery ticket from the series.

To buy a full lottery ticket, you need to buy ten decimos of the same series.

On every ticket (or down) five numbers already printed, who participate in the Loteria Nacional drawing. In this way, each share is one of 10 tickets with the same number.

On the day of the Nacional lottery draw, five numbered balls are drawn at random from the five reels.

This process is repeated twice to, to determine the winner of the first and second prizes.

Anyone can play the National Lottery today, regardless of, in which country of the world does he live.

All you need to do is find an online service, providing such an opportunity.


Every Thursday a jackpot of about 12 million. euros, and every Saturday the lottery prize pool reaches 42 million. euros. Also, special additional prizes are raffled off in size from 1 to 3 million. euros. If the last number in the ticket matches, the ticket price is returned to its owner.

Chances of Winning

The Spanish national lottery differs from many world lotteries both in its structure, and the odds of winning.

Win at Loteria Nacional, really, everyone can. Owners approximately 35 tickets from each 100 receive certain cash prizes according to the number of "decimos" from the series and the number of drawn numbers. In this way, the chances of winning are 1 to 3.

Where to see the results

You can buy this lottery HERE



Buying Loteria Nacional is easy:

just register on the site, select a ticket and pay for it in any of the proposed ways.

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